Won’t you celebrate

Won’t you celebrate with me the mere fact that we are together here today? Think of chains of events that had to happen exactly as they happened since the beginning of time for us to be together today. If one of those things didn’t happen the way it happened, then we aren’t together. That’s an improbably huge number of events, decisions, choices, and outcomes to calculate. Impossible, perhaps. First of all, consider that ever one of your ancestors, every single organism all the way back to the first splitting single -cell, had to survive long enough to reproduce. If even a single one of those organism dies before reproducing? You aren’t here. And if you aren’t here, our group is different. And even if you think only about today. The fact that all of your decisions, and all of my decisions, lead us to be here together, either physically in the classroom, or connected to us via the miracle of Zoom. And yes, I said miracle. Why not? Try explaining Zoom to you great-grandparents. You’d blow their minds. They think you were a witch. So won’t you celebrate with me that we all together here today? It’s almost beyond comprehension.

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