3 thoughts on “News

  1. Barring any major catastrophes, my fiancee and I should be at the reading next Wednesday. Life finds another excuse to drink good beer then hear fiction.

  2. I love your web site. I always knew you had it in you to write as it all started by the novels you were reading in the forth grade. Anyone that can read Shogun (sp) and watch a TV program at the same time must have some genius locked up inside. You may struggle with the writing but struggling is part of live as you well know. So struggle on and I will be waiting to see what more develops.

  3. Thank you, Clark. Your home essay was wonderful to read and so immensely true. I recognized the “hard word, the words not coming easy, the hands in the dirt, the heavy lifting…” all too familiar to me. I often confuse slow pace with inadequacy and mediocracy. You set the record straight in a wonderful and insightful manner.
    Carole Auger-Richard
    P.S. “News of the world” just disappeared while I was writing this note. Where did it go?

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