I hardly ever come here any more. I seldom post . I suppose that’s because I don’t write much these days. Or I don’t need to share what I write. It’s like shouting into the void. Shaking a fist at the rain. I’m not sure why I’m writing here now. It’s sort of like talking to myself. Sort of like a journal, except that I’m nicer to myself here than I am in a journal. I just wonder if this space is something I need to maintain. Perhaps it is time to archive and move on. I don’t need a digital footprint. I don’t need something else that needs to be erased, deleted, expunged, scrubbed when I’m gone. I don’t think I’ll delete it today. Maybe tomorrow.

One thought on “102320

  1. I hope you don’t delete it, even if you take a break for a while! It’s up to you of course, but I can assure you it’s not quite a void, at least not in the sense I think you might mean; I receive updates by email and when I see you’ve put up something new, my day brightens a little, knowing there is a new mysterious story, a piece of life that will make me think and make some otherwise-rusted gears turn that haven’t turned in a while.

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