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How is it that congressman Paul Broun (R, GA) remains on the House Science Committee? Watch this video and explain to me how this man, an M.D. no less, is qualified to sit on any panel where science is the subject:

Hurray for his faith. I have no problem with people professing a deep faith. But this man claims that he’s found evidence in the scientific record that says the Earth is only 9000 years old. There are several possibilities here:

1. He’s a faithful man with good intentions. Fine. Good intentions should not land you on any committee with “science” in the title. You should have some chops to back up your placement on the committee.  In that case, he should be removed from the committee.

2. He’s not a good man and his placement on the committee is a bit of cronyism designed to hinder any significant advancement of our country’s scientific agenda.  In that case, he should be removed from the committee.

3. He’s suffered some sort of mid/late life brain spasm that causes him to mix-up the worlds of faith and science (or perhaps he’s always been this way). My suggestion would be to put him on a “faith” committee where he seems to want to be anyway. Science is evidence driven. His belief that “evolution and the big bang” are lies straight from hell–well, that’s just about as far from evidence driven as one might get. In that case, he should be removed from the committee.

Please pass along the word to your friends. Congressman Paul Broun should not be serving on the House Science Committee unless he can thoroughly explain his comments in this video to the scientific community’s liking.

If voices like his are to lead us into the scientifically complex decades to come, our country is doomed.

Here is a link to the House Science Committee’s Website. It is clear from my reading of this site that Broun has no place voting on issues of scientific concern.



A lovely video. Watch for the reaction/facial expression on the woman at the end of the video. I often debate (internally) the notion of a chaotic vs. ordered universe. Today, the ordered universe wins.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

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Just a couple of different shots of the spider/house guest that is living across our front door. The web is as wide as the enture door. We never use the door, so we’re just letting her hang out. Literally. I think she’s getting used to my invasions of her privacy. In the lighter picture here, she was waving her fang/pinchers at me, but I was all like: “Hey, man, I’m not trying to take your dinner.” She eventually calmed down. Click on the photos for bigger images.
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