#Egypt 7-4-13


How is it? How is it?
So late
So early
The moths flutter.
The light
Backs forward,
The light of how it is.
How it is
Still breaks
The half-shut shade,
Sun cut line
Over the bed,
The covers,
The walls,
The case,
The coin,
The remedy perched
Among the unraveled.
The culvert of words,
The night,
The magic of
The story.
The story + the midnight,
Each wave darker
+ brighter than yesterday
Or tomorrow.
But that is many miles
Many meals,
Many shifts + eclipses +
Comet’s tails shrieking
Past the moon
+ dome of sky.

So long to wait
+ still it is never
Long enough.

The Power of Place/#Kickstarter

609d3bd965468097fb4ed01b4a90ba7e_largeTo anyone who lives in NH or loves the beauty of the place only as a visitor, please consider backing this project. There are only a couple of days left to reach the funding goal and it’s such a worthy and important cause–it is going to chronicle the incredible landscape of our state and it’s potential destruction by energy companies–not only for NH but for other states facing the same sorts of issues as our need for energy brings massive changes to our ways of life around the country.

Here is the link to Kickstart the Power of Place… http://kck.st/XBXrnC