Outlook Springs

I have a new story in this wonderful new literary journal. Outlook Springs┬áis published in Outlook Springs, NH, which may or may not exist. It’s the freshest literary journal on either side of the interdimensional rift. Want something fun to read? Go order one now!

Top Ten New Band Names For Bands I Might Start When I Turn Fifty

  1. Superb Owl and the Autocorrects
  2. Tom Pain and the Angry Colonists
  3. Ouch
  4. Crushed by Knowledge
  5. Raskolnikov and the Brooding Sinners
  6. Earth, Wind, & Fire
  7. Low Power Mode
  8. Where’s My Wallet?
  9. The Great American Owl Scandal
  10. The Enigmatic Variations and the Co-Sign Delivery Company