Because it is temporary

And fleeting, I cannot spend my time

Angry, seething at the news of the world. 

Yesterday, I read a review of Sarah Palin’s war on Christmas book and wondered how we got a place where she has a book contract. For hours, this thought rolled around in my head. I read some reports on the disastrous implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act. I read about the awful tragedy in the Philippines, mother nature one again proving our smallness. Of all the news I read throughout the day, not one single article offered any solution to any problem. Complain, blame, scream. 

I have to retreat from the news nearly every day. I’m not talking about retreating from the world, about being uniformed, ignorant, naive. I have to retreat so that I may become a better part of the world. When I am caught up thinking: Sarah Palin is a writer; the Republicans are ruining our country; we are helpless in the face of nature–I am doomed. 

So retreat. How can I tend to my garden? 

So retreat. How can I help? 

So retreat. Disengage from the broken. 

So retreat. Find the path.

So retreat. Sweep forward.

So retreat. Listen. 

So retreat. Breathe. 

So retreat. Invent. 

So retreat. Create. 

So retreat. To live. 

5 thoughts on “Retreat.

  1. I actually can’t watch the news or read it. I’m too depressive naturally so the thought of sp with a book contract makes it hard to get out of bed. Today I offer my best efforts at connecting to the world.

  2. My friend, you spent hours of your precious time with thoughts of Sarah Palin in your head? You spent hours wondering why other human beings, driven by their egos, their anger, their confusion, their fear fueling their ego-states? Your strategy following this (also ego-driven) binge was the only sane one. I dont even watch “the news” anymore. I don’t pay attention to politics. I can’t, otherwise I will be swept right up into this same crazy loop of argument and fear. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

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