Several Stories I’m bouncing around for the Hallmark Channel #amwriting

Terri Garr stars as a grandmother with lupus who has to save her grandchildren from a life of crime while her own daughter deals with a cheating husband and his sexy research assistant.

Florence Henderson stars as a grandmother recovering from brain tumor surgery who is running for city council against a sexy but ruthless grandmother played by Joan Collins. In the climatic scene, they debate each other over parking meter jurisdictions during the worst ice storm in the county’s history. Alan Thicke guest stars as a never-say-die city worker who vows to salt the roads no matter how bad the storm becomes.

Alan Thicke returns to Hallmark as a no nonsense defense lawyer who has trouble keeping his romantic life in order as he represents a suspect in a murder. Valerie Bertinelli co-stars as the prosecutor who breaks down his tough exterior to restore order, and balance, to the court. Possible title: Hearts of Justice

Hey, I’ve been writing strange fiction for a long time. It’s time I started giving the people what they want. Right?

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