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Trouble/You can’t fool me/I see you behind that tree…

That’s what I dealt with all day in my writing life. Trouble/Doubt. Old man doubt came to visit. I let him in the door. He was an awful guest. He said:

So, this is what you’re doing?

You spend your time writing this because?

No one will read it, of course. Think of all the books out there. The cutout bins are packed!

Besides, you aren’t that good.

I listened to him for a while until he became boring. Then I picked up my pen and kicked him out. Of course, he is a tenacious guest. He stood outside the window and shouted at me. He interrupted my concentration and my sentences suffered, but I wrote my pages and eventually he went away. I know he’ll be back again tomorrow. The jerk. This Ry Cooder song, from his great 1979 album Bop Till You Drop, sums it up pretty good.

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Brenda_UelandAnd this from Brenda Ueland’s book, If You Want to Write:

Inspiration comes very slowly and quietly. Say that you want to write. Well, not much will come to yo the first day. Perhaps nothing at all. You will sit before your typewrite or paper and look out the window and begin to brush you hair absentmindedly for an hour or two. Never mind. That is all right. That is as it should be–though you must before your typewriter just the same and know, in this dreamy time, that you are going to write, to tell something on paper, sooner or later. And you also must know that you are going to sit here tomorrow for a while, and the next day, and so on, forever and ever.