Advice from e.e. cummings

ee-cummings_cu_large“If art or poetry is your goal, you’ve got to forget all about punishments and all about rewards and all about self stylized obligations and duties and responsibilities etcetera ad infinitum and remember one thing only:  that it’s you—nobody else—who determine your desitny and decide your fate.  Nobody else can be alive for you; nor can you be alive for anybody else.  Toms can be Dicks and Dicks can be Harrys, but none of them can ever be you.  There’s the artist’s responsibility; and the most awful responsibility on earth.  If you can take it, take it—and be.  If you can’t, cheer up and go about other people’s business; and do or undo until you drop.”

from the e.e. cummings non lectures

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