#Footwork #Writing


I spend a lot of time writing about doubt in my creative life. Last week I wrote that I quit writing at least once a week. Faulkner once said he didn’t know anything about inspiration because he’d never felt it. He said he’d heard of it, but never seen it. This from the man who wrote four of the greatest novels in history in a three year period (As I Lay Dying, Light in August, The Sound and the Fury and Absalom Absalom). If not inspiration, then what?

The answer: footwork.

And now that I’m done quitting writing this week, I’ve started my own footwork once again. One slow freaking word at a time.

One thought on “#Footwork #Writing

  1. You finished! That is the first great accomplishment. The only pieces I ever finish are the ones I write under a deadline by my professor or my boss. I find it so hard to give myself the gift of time to write. Linked-in options for agents? AWP?

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