More #RightWing Nonsense. This time about #Sandy:

So now the right wing political action squad/Fox News/Lie-Machine is trying to make Hurricane Sandy a political liability for President Obama. They say that he was “on the ball” for the first couple days but now he’s back to being campaigner in chief, not dealing with the bad situation in Jersey or the destruction in general. I can think of no worse people than Sean Hannity and Rudy Giuliani. They make me sick. Their logic is circuitous. There is nothing that the president could have done that would be “right” in their minds:

Problem A: He’s not “there” dealing with the situation. They are complaining that he went back onto the campaign trail. What did they expect him to do? Grab a squeegee and start mopping streets? Do they think that he is doing nothing? Kicking back and drinking beers with his campaign staff in Las Vegas? Do they not know that he flies in a plane called “Air-Force One,” which is designed to be a mobil White House? Do they think he’s stopped paying attention? Do they think he’d drive gas trucks to New Jersey himself? Are they incapable of grasping that the man has many different communication tools at his disposal? Should he stop campaigning completely to allow their candidate to continue spreading lies about our President unimpeded?

Problem B: He is actually “there.” If our President did stop his campaign and set up shop in NJ or NYC, do you think that would make Hannity and Giuliani happy? No, of course not. They’d complain that he was in the way, that the security for the President of the USA was “in the way,” that he should just get out of the way and let the emergency responders get on with their work. They would say that his ego was out of control and he’d take any opportunity to get attention for himself.

Those two men in particular are broken. I was going to call them myopic, but that word isn’t exactly right. They aren’t just short-sighted. They are broken beyond repair. They are what is wrong with our country.

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