Taking a Break from Blogging #Blog #Break #Timeout

Here looking for a new update? You won’t find one. I started this blog in 2009 as a report to the New Hampshire community after the State Art Council awarded me a fellowship. Originally, it was a blog devoted to discussing my writing. Since then, I’ve used it to post many things–art, life, family, music, and the like. But now I’m taking a break. In the event that someone has stumbled to this site looking for a way to contact me, the contact function will still work. I just won’t be putting up any new writing in the foreseeable future. Thanks to those who came here to read my thoughts over the past couple of years. Perhaps I’ll post more someday. Until then, I hope to see you in the real world. Be well.

So sorry that I’ve been ignoring you…

Hello blog. I’ve been ignoring you. I have no real reason. But I have been busy. I’ll get back to you soon. Things are leveling out. I’ve learned a lot in the past two months. Ill tell you the whole story in a day or two. You know I teach, right? This coming week is my spring break. Never before have I been looking forward to spring break like I am this year. More soon.

Your friend,