They called it the Robot in my day

But Dubstep is what the kids call it now. A bit of sonic and physical strangeness. Haunting, really. The guy must have leg muscles like steel wires. I don’t know why this thought struck me, but: if this guy is still dancing when I die, I’d like him to come do some dubstepping at whatever memorial/funeral there is. Just alone in a room, this guy and some trance-y music. It shouldn’t be explained, either. Just put him a room and put a velvet rope across the doorway so no one goes in there. Let him do his thing. And if that gets too serious, then people can walk over to the Simpson’s room and laugh for a while. I can think of nothing better than to have Ralph Wiggum saying, “I bent my wookie” and this android-dude dubstepping at a memorial service.

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