Sean Hannity On Obama: ‘I Don’t Think He’s That Smart’

I try not to post too many political things on this page, mainly because I don’t think anything I can add to the moronic national political culture can really improve things in any real way, but also because it’s a blog most about writing and the writing life. But Hannity…man that guy’s idiocy knows no bounds. Incensed by a quip about Rick Perry’s intelligence (or lack thereof) Hannity provided an epic rant in which he pondered why the media didn’t question Obama’s intelligence (the article about the rant follows below my comments).

I felt the need to respond, for myself, not for Hannity. Hannity’s an idiot, plain and simple, but a mean, devious idiot who knows how to rile up the folks who listen to him.

Maybe folks didn’t need to question Obama’s intelligence because it’s pretty clear the guy is intelligent. Has Hannity ever listened to anything Obama has said? I fear not. But I have. There’s no doubting the guy’s intelligence. I however, have only heard a few sentences uttered by Rick Perry, and every one of them makes me question his intelligence. His entire stance on evolution vs. creationism causes me to question his intelligence. He recently told a young boy that in Texas, they taught both schools of thought and that he (Perry) thought the boy was smart enough to figure it out on his own. Pardon? Perry isn’t smart enough to figure it out on his own, panders to his base by claiming to believe creationism, and then tells the boy that he (the boy) is smart enough to get the whole thing straight? Well, good luck to you sir (and to all of us) as you discard the sciences. It’s that sort of thinking that prompts me to question Perry’s intelligence. I can suggest a couple of very good books about evolution that could help him, but if he’s of Hannity’s ilk, I doubt he’d be interested.

(Hannity article below)

An enraged Sean Hannity reacted to a controversial Politico article about Rick Perry’s intelligence by questioning President Obama’s intelligence for almost eight minutes. The Politico piece had a blunt title: “Is Rick Perry Dumb?” Writer Jonathan Martin spent nearly 1,800 words pondering the question, essentially concluding that, while Perry is not an “ideas man,” he has a sharp and potent political mind and should not be underestimated. Hannity was incensed, though, seeing a clear case of liberal media bias. “The question of intelligence is one the mainstream media never bothered to ask about President Obama,” he said. He then brought on Tucker Carlson and Democratic cable news mainstay Steve McMahon on to discuss just that. “If he’s such a genius he would have not lost two and a half million jobs,” Hannity began. He then ran through a series of gaffes Obama has made over the years before settling on his favorite one: the president pronouncing the word “corpsman” as “corpseman.” “What’s a navy corpseman?” Hannity mockingly asked. “He read it three times in one speech, he doesn’t know what a corpsman is! Genius that he is!” McMahon started to say, “The conversation we should be having,” but he was cut off by Hannity. “I want to know!” he shouted. “That’s my conversation.”Hannity also said he would like to read Obama’s Harvard and Columbia theses, and see his grades. But he kept returning to that “corpsman” issue.”He read his teleprompter three times and he doesn’t know ‘corpsman’!” he said to McMahon at one point. “And he’s the commander in chief and you don’t have the courage to admit it!” Eventually, Hannity just started repeating the word “corpsman” over and over again. “Every liberal’s a genius that drives the economy into a ditch,” he concluded. “…I don’t think he’s that smart.”

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