to eat lunch. I wanted to go to a fancier church… But was over-ruled.


2 thoughts on “Stopped at a minor church…

  1. what a tease! tell us where and what, Clark. Not that we aren’t interested in the wee swerve in your desire to see a “fancier” church. We assume said fancier church is the one pictured. Fancier than what? Is the fanciness what you fancied?
    The story keeps opening up, as was no doubt your “authorial intention.”

  2. Actually, there are no modest churches that I can see here. Just joking here. The joke is that this amazing church, the Basillica of St. Clotide, is virtually unknown to people, but pretty much every block has one like this. Today, we wandered through L’Eglise of St. Merry–pretty stunning. Those Catholics liked their churches amazing.

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