Last day…

…of sixth grade. You know how on old tape decks (kids, tape decks were the stop-gap technology that carried us music lovers over between vinyl and CDs…I’ll devote another post soon to explaining vinyl records. And maybe CDs, but I digress…) you could hold down the fast-forward and play buttons at the same time and the music would become a blur of squeaky sounds that carried only the slightest echo of the song’s normal speed? That’s how I feel this morning. Grace just set off for her last day of sixth grade and I swear it was only moments ago that she started sixth grade. And only moments before that, she was born. I’d like to ask whomever is in charge of the cosmic tape deck to stop goofin’ around and take your finger off fast-forward. I’d like to listen to the song at normal speed. What’s that you say? This is normal speed? Shoot.

Isn’t she beautiful? Can we run the next few months in slo-motion, please?

2 thoughts on “Last day…

  1. I was thinking when I saw Grace walking to the bus how grown up and beautiful she looked!

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