Live on land that was once a farm…

…and you might just find some bones. Gail and I were walking around the yard this evening looking at our gardens. Up near the raspberry and blackberry bushes, I leaned down to pull up what appeared to be an old root just pushing through the surface. What I discovered was a jaw bone with teeth still embedded. Underneath the jaw were more teeth. People have always told us that this used to be a horse farm. Supposedly, there was a horse track on what is now Pease Airfield. This would have been years before it was the Air Force Base. We don’t have any real proof of exactly what sort of farm this was, so a lot of what we know is really just speculation. But we do know the original house was built early 1800’s (maybe late 1700’s–all of the wood is hand cut) and that there have been at least two different barns on the property. The big barn was probably gone before 1900. It was out past the big barn that we found the bones. I love finding bones. There’s more of the animal back there, but it was getting dark and I wanted to take my time digging it up. Part of the fun is putting the puzzle together. Turns out, it seems that this jaw bone and these teeth more than likely belonged to a cow, not a horse. A little investigatin’ on the internets helped us with our deducin’. Did I just stumble on the graveyard? Is this where one farmer threw the dead animals? The carcasses of the animals he slaughtered? Could be rabbit, could be. Below, pictures to shock and amaze:

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