Treasure Everywhere

Nails. A huge pile. This photos does not do the pile justice. So many nails.

And this thing. What is it? No one knows. Total mystery. And as I was walking across the yard (a yard that has claimed three lawn mower blades since I started mowing it) I looked down and saw this dangerous piece of metal. It wasn’t there the day before. The stuff is rising from below.

And this small star-like medallion. At first I thought it was an old toy sheriff’s badge, but it says Gil Scarponi Scarps Good Luck on it. It’s made, I think, from tin.

And a more nails. And more broken glass. It’s garbage, but beautiful, too. I’m slowly piecing together who lived here.

And this thing leapt out at me. I sank my digging stick into the ground, hit this sharp, strange piece of metal. I’m thinking there may be a tractor down there, too.

Having found a ton of stuff in about ten minutes, I thought I’d go inside. Walking back across the yard, I said to myself, I’ll just dig here, see what I find. The bottle on the right hand side, long broken, long ago thrown beneath the old barn, or thrown into the pit where the barn used to be, still had it’s hinged lid. In the second picture, notice how thick the glass is.

Here’s where I dug. It’s in the  middle of the yard. All of these treasures where just an inch or two below the surface, maybe a bit more. Makes me want to dig the whole thing up and sift the dirt. Soon, I’ll build a case for the junk. My own private museum. On the right, you’ll see my digging tool. I call him Ol’ Yaller.

And then finally, as I was heading back up the slight rise to the house, I looked down and saw what I thought was a root. I’ll just put that up, I said to myself. It turns out it was an old table or chair leg that had been tossed out here at some point. All of these things were found and revealed in about a twenty minute window. Imagine what I might find with a few days and some sort of light backhoe. And a metal detector. If you have a metal detector, call me. There’s treasure everywhere.



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