Tonight, a poem…


Once, there was nothing,

a vast emptiness,

(or fullness) and then

something (or nothing).

In the blink of an eye:

galaxies, solar systems,

stars, planets, moons,

lava, crust, sedimentary

rock, construction sites,

rock crushers,

and then you,

like you were

here all along,

spread over neglected

lands, proclaiming

that everything

under the sun

is speeding

toward itself.

You curve around

boulders, kneeling

or prostrate, praying.

My journey on your

rubbly ramp warns

the world of me,

and likewise,

when I am asleep,

strange footsteps rattle

a staccato whisper,

a tornado warning

of the world’s advance.

Do you miss being

whole? If I had the

time, I might

collect your

brothers and sisters

and glue you together

into a ball bigger

than the moon.

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