Our House, in the Middle of Our Street

I love how these two pictures of our house show how many different houses our house has been. It began life as a one room farmhouse with a loft for sleeping. Or perhaps it began life as a barn, and the loft was for hay. In either event, the house grew, incorporated other buildings, gained rooms, lost rooms. The people that build the house were not contractors. They had no permits. They built what they needed. We think the house took this final shape in 1895. We found newspapers from that year used as insulation in the newest part of the house–the addition with the flat roof and sloped roofs. The “pit” in the backyard was once the barn. No one remembers the barn, even people who’ve lived in our neighborhood their whole lives. That means it was probably gone by 1930. Considering some of the things we’ve found in the yard and in the house, we know that the barn would’ve been quite old by that point. Where the red garage stands now was another barn. That one came down in 1985. It was smaller than the big barn. One or both of these barns were most likely attached to the house. Note how the fieldstone foundation runs quite close to the house. Though we’ve owned it since 2005, we continue to learn about (and change to suit our needs) our little slice of history. Click on the photos to see them in larger format.

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