A Tom Waits Story….

This story was told to me by a friend who heard it from another friend who may or may not have heard it from someone else or may/may not have been the person in the story to which the story happened. Make sense? That’s a long winded way of saying, it’s probably an apocryphal story, but it seems like it could have been true and I so want it to be true. I tell this story a lot, so I thought I’d shoot it out into the lively intertubes for posterity:

So, a guy goes to interview Tom Waits at Waits’ house. He gets to the door and rings the bell and Tom Waits’ wife answers the door and invites the interviewer inside. She tells him that Tom is upstairs and to make himself at home because it’ll be a few moments before he can come down. Then she leaves the interviewer alone in the living room. Along one wall is Tom Waits’ record collection. The interviewer thinks, I can’t pass up a chance to look at Tom Waits’ record collection, so he goes over to the wall and starts flipping through some of the thousands of LP’s.

As he’s flipping, he notices an entire pizza tucked into the shelf, in-between two records. Not a pizza in a box, just a big round pizza propped in there. When Tom Waits finally comes down into the room and they start their interview, this guy says, Mr. Waits, I couldn’t help but notice that you had a pizza in with your records. And Tom Waits replied (and here you have to imagine Tom Waits saying these words in his scratchy growl):

Sometimes you just have to file things by shape.

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