Today, I saw this terrifying footage of the tsunami in Japan:

There really isn’t much to say after watching that water. What could one do? Nothing, I suspect, but get out of the way best as one can.

I’ve donated money. But that doesn’t seem like enough.

I’ve prayed. But that seems inadequate.

In the background of the video, people are driving. In fact, in a lot of the videos I’ve seen, people are driving and walking above the water. Taking their kids to school or to the dentist. Going to get a mortgage application. Enjoying a date, a good song on the radio. Scary how quickly it gets washed away.

In another video, the cameraman and his friends are laughing, but I’m sure they don’t think it’s funny. What else is there to do in that moment? It’s too immediate for grief and the sense of loss will only come once the water has receded and it’s too magnificent not to watch. I think they were laughing in self-defense. That’s our planet happening right there, they seem to be saying, love it or leave it. It’s awful to watch, but it’s necessary, too. Necessary to know that we can be swatted away like flies.

The very frailty of our civilization makes it worth protecting.

The very brevity of our time makes our time valuable.

All thoughts and prayers and energies and goodness to the people of Japan.


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