Grateful for my job

But it is daunting to think that this pile of short stories needs to be read by Monday. And a similar pile for Wednesday. Not only read, but pondered, commented on, and written about. I always say, “this semester I’m going to write shorter commentary for these students because most of them don’t care and what’s the point.” But some of them do care and some of them are good writers and I always write too much because, well…because that’s how I roll, I guess. It is what I does. It’s snowing like crazy today. Home safe and sound. Off to read.

One thought on “Grateful for my job

  1. Teaching Comp — I’ve paid my dues in this regard — is a calling requiring nearly saint-like patience. Long ago I decided I needed to do more than make vague comments about the over-all story — I mean, aside from grammar nits. I found a way of discussing “inner” form (as opposed to the “formal” aspects of sentence style): the way a story, essay, poem FLOWS. Students love that word, and it IS meaningful. I’ve used this understanding of “inner form” for decades as a writer and editor. It’s now the basis of the work we do at WIP on the high school essay — why not start the revolution at Exeter High! Four great teachers are involved and doing great work. See the website — (also, soon,– and facebook.

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