Why do I keep posting about this new literary review? It’s a beautiful review full of wonderful writing and writers. In this age of decreasing readership, where publishing has become a labyrinthian process, an independent review like The New Guard is necessary. It is the only independent literary review in Maine. Its content is matched by a fine and carefully rendered design. In my hands or on my shelf, The New Guard is more book that journal. It has physical and intellectual heft. It is packed with poetry and prose both delicate and visceral. The Kickstarter funds will held provide the review with stable, sustainable funding. For fans of good writing, this is one of those rare, good hopes. As of today, to receive the Kickstarter funding, they need more backers and about eleven hundred more dollars. For a few dollars, you can help this new review find it’s permanent foothold. If you can’t donate at this time (understandable in this fiscally uncertain day and age), perhaps you can forward this link to those who might have some spare change lying around. If thirty people donate thirty dollars, they’d be almost there. Only eight days left to meet the Kickstarter deadline.

The New Guard mission: to support writers for years to come by Shanna Miller McNair » Updates — Kickstarter.


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