My goal this past summer was to write eight stories between the end of June and the end of August. Eight stories in eight weeks. I felt behind some and came to the finish just one week late. I liked all the stories and knew they needed a lot of revision. I’ve been working my way through them even as I work on a new novel. The stories are coming along very nicely. I’ll be done with the revisions by the end of my winter break and can spend my writing time during the semester working on my zombie/apocalyptic novel.

The stories are quite different than the new work. They weren’t conceived as linked in any way, but because I wrote them in such close proximity to each other, they feel a part of a complete whole. For my money, I think they make a pretty nice collection of stories. I’m revising the last two now. “Sanctuary” started as a goof on the CSI franchise, but goofs don’t necessarily make good stories. I had a couple watching a show called Crime Scene Examination, and suddenly I just didn’t want to make fun of the show, or the people. In fact, the show is helping save my characters’ lives, although I won’t tell you why, or how. So I couldn’t really make fun of CSI and get that across as well. Plus, I like CSI, a fine morality play on TV, all forumla, but good anyway. So, in the story, I tried to write the best two episodes of CSI that I could. The final two shows of the season. If you watch CSI, you’ll recognize the types of people on the show, although I did try to make them their own people, not just copy the characters on television.

The last story also concerns television and is narrated by the child star of a television show called Moon Over Manhattan. Funny that the final two stories of the collection concern television. Maybe I was sub-consciously trying to write stories that TV watchers (like me) might want to read.

Of course, if any CSI producers check this blog and are intrigued by my description of a killer revision of their show and want to buy my storyline and give me a guest slot (I’d totally be a body!) on CSI that will catapult me to fame and fortune and a really cool car:

…that would be okay too. Hey, a guy can dream, right?


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