We’ve been trying to eat locally, seasonally, and sustainably. We like the idea of knowing who grows the bulk of our food and how they grow it and how they think about food. The man in the picture is Andre Cantelmo. He’s the guy what grows our eats. Tonight, we went to the annual shareholder’s meeting and learned more about the farm, about how they do what they do, about how they cope with problems (drought, cold, rain, etc.), and what they plan on doing in the future. Plus, we got to meet a number of other members of the farm. One of the reasons we love Andre and his farm is because of their philosophy about food. Tonight, Andre said, “Income should not be a bar to eating locally.” I love that. People seem convinced that eating healthily, let alone locally, is too expensive. Farms like Heron Pond are bringing the goodness to their customers and also helping out those that can’t afford healthy, locally grown food. Plus, the food people brought for the potluck was superb. Very nice.


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