When I was a kid, my father worked for White House Communications. He traveled around the world doing things that needed done to help with Presidential communication. Here is a picture of the WHCA seal that he desgined. It is still in use.

Once, on a return trip from South America, he brought me a stuffed llama. I’ve had it for years. How did it last so long? How did it not get lost in one of my many moves? I’ve lost far more important things in my life. I’ve lost many other gifts that people have given me. But the llama made it into boxes and bags and from four or five moves in Virginia and several moves out of Virginia and then four or five moves in New Hampshire. And how did it end up in my truck?

I don’t know, but it seems that the truck was really in need of something, because the llama lived there for a long time. Years maybe. One day, last year, my daughter Grace and I got into the truck to make a dump run and found that the llama had all its fur pulled from its insides. It’s like someone was sending us a very cryptic message.

Actually, it was mice. Mice destroyed my truck llama. We stuffed him again, but part of his essence was gone. Grace bought me a new llama to replace the one one.

A strong, sturdy beast. He will carry us into a new era!


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