A teaser for those of you waiting for a new story. A trephine drill is a drill used to bore holes into the skulls of patients with head wounds. It relieved the pressure of the wound and quite often helped the wounded survive. It was in wide use during the Civil War. Although my story doesn’t take place during the Civil War, my characters take a detour through the Gettysburg battlefield. The story is called “Trephine” and I’ll start reading it tomorrow.


Its knots are edges

 Of a larger continent.

The dark canals across its

stomach speak:

Once, a tree, and before that,

A vast space of nothing.

Against the pain of growing, 

A tide, a mountain

Pressed flat,

A true meridian.

We have borrowed much.

This wind will leave

all things without ridges

or the shadow of ridges. 

The hem will run

Into a green horizon.