Time Away and Gearing Up

Keeping a blog is harder than I ever expected. My life off the screen has been hectic. We’ve been renovating the last two rooms of our old farmhouse in preparation for my father-in-law to join us. The rooms were once the ugliest rooms in our house. And considering the state of the house when we bought it, that’s saying something. Now, the rooms are two of the most beautiful. With the rooms nearly done, I hope to bring myself back to speed in this small descriptive account of my writing life. I suspect we will still be inordinately busy, but I hope to devote my newly freed up “building/renovating” time to my writing life. I haven’t written anything since I finished the manuscript of The Improbable Colony at the end of May. I’ve been sending the book on the rounds with agents that I think might be a good fit, but have had no success interesting anyone as of yet. Still, the best medicine for the apathetic response to one’s writing is to simply get back to doing more writing. So this is an attempt to kickstart that process. Anyone else trying to sell a book with little success?

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